Space Between 2010-2013

Gloves protect, conceal, orchestrate and lead.  Like the gloves of a puppet master directing a marionette, the human species largely controls the natural world.


I wrestle with pulling a root from the earth.   The human-centered paradigm tells me that this is my given right; it goes without question.  With these drawings and paintings, I am offering reflection about this uneasy relationship.  Nature is honored for what it is, not for what it provides. I strive to take the gloves off and gently press the earth with humility and awe.



Space Between Installation-4





The Space Between, installation, Eric and Ronna Hoffman Gallery of Contemporary Art, Lewis and Clark College,  76 diptychs, mixed media on wood panels, 2014

Details in four dimensions: 5 x 16.5”, 7×12.5”,12.5 x 7”, 16.5 x 5”