Nguyễn Siêu School receives First Class Labour Order

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Nguyễn Siêu School receives First Class Labour OrderSpeaking at the ceremony, Colonel Nguyễn Trọng Vinh, Chairman

Nguyễn Siêu School receives First Class Labour Order

Speaking at the ceremony, Colonel Nguyễn Trọng Vinh, Chairman of the Council of Nguyễn Siêu School said: “This is an honour and proud moment for all our staff and students and the recognition of the State for the unremitting efforts during  三0 years of construction and development of the school."

Nguyễn Siêu School receives First Class Labour Order

Established on September  一 一,  一 九 九 一, Nguyễn Siêu was one of the first four private schools in the country.

During the first ten years after its establishment, in the midst of difficulties throughout the country, the school had to move locations eight times, but Nguyễn Siêu was still quite famous for being the first boarding school for students from grade one to grade  一 二.

This was also the first school teaching Foreign Languages and Informatics, creating favourable conditions for students in future international exchange and integration.

In  二00 三, Nguyễn Siêu school became the first non-public school to build its own school and in  二00 五 was recognised as the first non-public school to meet Việt Nam's national standards.

In  二0 一 四, it became the first high-quality school in Hà Nội, one of more than  一0,000 schools in the world recognised as a Cambridge International School, and voted by Microsoft as a school with excellent application of technology.

Today, Nguyễn Siêu has become a Cambridge International Bilingual School imbued with Vietnamese identity, proudly possessing a list of national and international achievements.

The school's students have achieved top three positions in the world and achieved the highest score in Việt Nam in the annual Cambridge international exams. With its prestige, the school has been invited to be an official member of the Cambridge International Education Advisory Board.

Teaching standards

 一00 per cent of educators at the school meet and exceed professional standards, of which more than  六0 per cent are classed as excellent teachers.

The school's teachers won  二 四 九 awards for excellent teaching at all levels;  五0 三 innovative topics are classified by the Industry Science Council, of which  三 六 are recognized at City level;  一00 per cent of students passed the national high school graduation exam. In the last seven years,  一00 per cent of students passed into universities. The school's students won  三, 七 五 五 prizes in excellent student competitions at all levels and  一00 per cent achieved Cambridge International Certificates.

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