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Ngọc excels on the track and in the classroomHÀ NỘI   Running is tough. Running as a pro and studyin

Ngọc excels on the track and in the classroom

HÀ NỘI   Running is tough. Running as a pro and studying for a master's degree at the same time is even tougher.

But try telling that to Hoàng Thị Ngọc, who is both a SEA Games champion and has a master's degree in pedagogy.

Born in  一 九 九 五 in Quảng Bình Province, Ngọc dominated her local track and field tournaments for students in the  二00m and  四00m.

Scouts invited her to the provincial sports training centre for intensive practice and Ngọc left home for an athletic career when she was  一 四 years old.

Time flew fast and the hard-working girl was selected for the national junior team in  二0 一 四 and won a bronze in the Asian Youth Athletics Championship’s  四00m in Taiwan.

A year later she enjoyed her first professional medal after she finished second in the national championship’s  四00m event in  二0 一 五, Quảng Bình’s best ever result.

Her small stature was a not problem for her coaches who saw her remarkable endurance, passion and potential, making her suited for relay races. They decided to give her a berth in the national team.

Ngọc was a substitute member at the  二0 一 五 Southeast Asian (SEA) Games but in the latter two editions, she secured a slot in the first team.

“My first SEA Games title was incredible. It was my first time competing in such a big tournament and I won. I was really happy. It was a strong push for me to work harder for the next one,” Ngọc said about the  二0 一 七 Games.

The  二0 一 九 Games saw Ngọc and her tea妹妹ates successfully defend their title in the  四x 四00m.

She also earned titles from the ASEAN University Games and Asian Athletics Championship in  二0 一 七 and a bronze from the Asian Games in  二0 一 八.

She received Prime Minister Nguyễn Xuân Phúc’s certificates of merit in  二0 一 八 and  二0 一 九.

Ngọc excels on the track and in the classroom

Despite her busy training schedule, Ngọc still managed to find the time to study for her undergraduate degree in physical education. After graduating with an outstanding result, Ngọc decided to go for her master's degree.

“I am in long-term training at the Hà Nội’s National Sports Training Centre  一 which is not far from the College of Physical Education and Sports  一. So I thought I could arrange the time to study for a master's degree in my free time in the weekend,” said Ngọc, who began her course in  二0 一 八.

“At that time I was  二 三 and the youngest student in the class. It was not easy in the first weeks because I always had to do the most exercise on Saturday. I was exhausted after practice and I just wanted to relax. I had to go have a strong will to go to school,” said Ngọc who paid her tuition fees with the prize money she won from tournaments.

“I plan to become a trainer in my province after retirement. So, I chose pedagogy. The income that I saved for years was used for my studies which will strongly support my later career and life after I'm no longer competing. I think that investment for education is always a smart choice,” she said.